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5 Best Burger Joints in Malmö 2018


Burger connoisseur or not, this guide will showcase all the best places in Malmö to get mouthwatering burgers and maybe even a beer or two

Charlie’s Burgers (Möllan)

Charlies Burgers hasn’t been around for that long, but when they opened they have been a favorite place for many burger-lovers in Malmö, nonetheless myself. They now have two burger joints in Malmö, and I can highly recommend making a visit to either of them.

Falafel & Burgers

Falafel & Burgers at Saluhallen is one of my go to stops when I want to eat a simple burger without all the fuss. They do their cheeseburgers just the way I like them. Simple, cheesy and delicious with a nice crust. If you like caramelized onions on your burger, you can get that on it too.

Surf Shack (Gamla Väster)

One of the Malmö classics. Surf Shack has been around for a long time and has since then also opened one in Lund, and now their second one in Malmö. What makes Surf Shack worth a stop? A nice burger, for a nice price. Surf Shack is about BYOB: Build Your Own Burger. Even their fries and shakes is worth a stop by itself.

Tugg Burgers (Malmö)

Tugg has been around in Sweden for a while. Since they first opened in Borås, then have also opened in Gothenburg, Lund and now just recently in Malmö. They offer nice burgers in different combinations for every tastebud. They also have a nice environment to eat in just next to the canal at Södertull.

Casual Street Food

Been around in Malmö shortly after the burger revolution started in Stockholm after Flippin’ Burgers opened. A lot at Casual Street Food has changed during the years in terms of how the burgers look and taste, but in a good way. Simple and good burgers, and also offers a unique combination every month. Oh, and they have amazing fish tacos, too.

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