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5 first date spots you can only find in Malmö

5 first date spots only in Malmö

Are you in need for somewhere to go on a first date in Malmö? Tired of awkwardly staring at your date while not knowing what to say over a coffee? Tired of feeling like you’re at a job interview? No worries, we got you covered. We have listed the top 5 places to have a fun first, and hopefully second, date in Malmö. These are places where you take the pressure of the date. Laugh, explore and get to know each other over a fun activity.

Malmö Museum

If you want to impress your date with your cultural knowledge, then this is the place. Or, if both of you don’t have any knowledge about the history of Skåne, it will be a great walk down history lane together.


Spegeln is not your regular cinema. It’s a cozy movie theater where you can have dinner during the film. Enjoy a charcuterie plate, a glass of wine, and I dare you to hold your date’s hand.

O'Learys Entré

This is not a sports date recommendation, no. The O’learys at Entré has a great selection of arcade games, shuffleboard and billiard. Whoever loses has to buy popcorn.

Disgusting Food Museum

Not your typical first date spot. If your date is up for it, then you’ll have an awful lot of fun. You’ll get to know your date quite fast. If you’re planning on having dinner, make sure you have it before the visit.

Cool Minds

Let your inner child come out and play! You and your date can try out VR games, make your own candles, or re-create the pottery scene from Ghost, but the PG version.