outside image of retrospelsfestivalen

Retrospelsfestivalen is back for its 6th year this year! If you never heard of it, it is a retro game festival that runs almost the entire day of August 31. If you still have no reason to go this Saturday then we will give you 5 great reasons to go!

Retro games (duh)

A retro game festival without any retro games wouldn’t be much of a festival. With a huge variety of vendors, both company and private collectors you’ll find all of the gems you had as a kid. Everything going back to as far as the Atari day to even some more modern stuff like the PS3/4 will be present. Even if you are a collector or not, you are sure to find something that will kick that nostalgic feeling you might have forgotten you even had!


If winning is in your blood, and your hands still remember the sick tetris combos or even the Smash Bros 64 combos, then there are fun competitions all through out the day. The Super Nintendo Campus Challenge, Smash 64, Tetris and even the Swedish championship in obscure Nintendo knowledge will be held!

Indie games

The indie game scene is bursting with nostalgia smelling awesome titles coming soon. Of course there will be a presence of indie developers making such awesome games as Soho Banana (a new NES game in 2019), Blazing Chrome, Gekraxel and more. So besides feeding your nostalgia you might also find some new titles to look forward to.

Community community community

As a huge nerd myself I know just how loving and great the retro community is. Most are extremely helpful to new collectors as well as the collectors that have been collecting for years. If you are looking for similar minded friends or just to feel a sense of community then this event is for you!

Just make sure you get here before they open at 10 am so you don’t have to be last in line, cause there will be lines to get in. Oh, and also bring 120kr for the entry fee. Trust us, it’s worth it!

Concert and afterparty

There is a 15 year old artist that has recently burst into the chip tune scene. The Gameboy artist Chip Otter will make an apperance at Retrospelsfestival for a very dance friendly concert.

If playing games and drinking beer is more your thing then there’s the afterparty. As most years it’ll be held at Taproom with console games, arcadegames, dj and of course beer. So after all the purchases, nostalgia trips and retro love come down to the afterparty for… Well some more nostalgia trips, retro love but now with added beer!

If you’re curious make sure to check out Retrospelsfestivalens website at: http://retrospelsfestivalen.se/