Alien movie review
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Let’s play hide and seek with a hideous acidic monster

Did you know that Alien turned 40 this year? As a celebration Alien got a 4k makeover and Spegeln decided to show it. It was not just the visuals that got an upgrade but also the sound and the difference is like night and day!

If by any reason you are not familiar with Alien it is a Sci-Fi movie directed by Ridley Scott. It takes place on a space tug that receives a distress call on their way back to earth. The crew go to a nearby planet to investigate and all of the sudden they realise that they are not alone on anymore. Realising this they get back on the ship and get the hell out of there. But what is wrong with one the crew members? He is acting weird, almost like he got a disease. The plot might not be something revolutionary even for its time. But what made this movie such a hit was the creature design. H. R Giger designed all of the creatures and they quickly became iconic because of the sheer terror of their designs.

As I am too young to have seen Alien when it came out this was an excellent opportunity to finally see it in a cinema setting, in 4k nonetheless. The visuals have a visible upgrade with some movie grain still in to keep up the aesthetic. But what really got me was the upgraded sound design. Maybe it was just because I was in a cinema setting but the rattles and creaks made the whole experience feel like we were in space. The eerie soundscapes really captures the feeling of being alone out there in the dark expanse.

If you ever get the chance of seeing this movie in a cinema setting I would totally recommend it! It is an experience like none other. Even though the movie is 40 years old it still manages to make the whole crowd jump all throughout! If I ever were to give arbitrary review scores this movie experience would be one of my rare 10 out of 10’s.