Anna and the apocalypse poster
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Watching a christmas movie at this time is odd. When the christmas music is also a musical that is kind of weird. But on top of all that Anna And The Apocalypse is also a zombie movie. So this is a christmas zombie musical. Yes that is a real thing and what a wonderful thing it is!

This is the second movie of the zombie movie night that happened not too long ago at Spegeln. Anna And The Apocalypse is a musical set in the small town of Little Haven. At Christmas there is a zombie outbreak forcing Anna and her friends an love interest to fight, kill and sing to reach their families on the other side of town. It is a stupid premise but that is what makes it great.

On top of the stupid premise there is quite a lot of practical effects and coming from an old school splatter background I could not be happier. The ways the zombies are killed are both fun and creative. The movie relies heavily on the trope that zombies are dumber than bricks.

Anna And The Apocalypse manages to balance quirky and actually good musical numbers with a dark undertone that a zombie movie brings to the table. The characters have some depth to them and they don’t feel as generic as they seem when they’re initially introduced.

The director John Mcphail came from nowhere and did someone not even most hardened directors ever do. He made a musical, a silly gory musical about teenage love in a zombie ridden world. It works. It works surprisingly well even. If you ever manage to get your hands on a screening or maybe even a bluray of this movie I thoroughly recommend you give this a watch. You will not be dissapointed!