Arxendy Sweden sent us a case of their non-alcoholic high caffeine energy drink. Our first impression was that the environmentally friendly package was convenient with a cap that could be closed again because it had a screw cap. It was nice to be able to have a glass of deep blue-purple refreshing drink and save the rest for later and have the same quality as the first sip.

The drink itself has a nice natural fruit juice look and taste. With no added sugars but made with sweeteners still gives the feeling of drinking a fruit juice with a strong kick of caffeine. The package is deceivingly large and has enough for two large glasses. It is nice to have a change from the low carbonated canned drinks that you see on the shelves in the stores, Arxendy’s blue berry infused drink is a more like a light fruit juice.

Lightly sweetened and natural tasting, this energy drink is a nice change from the other energy drinks on the market right now. To order yours head over to their website