dejunked smoothie

Dejunked, a smooth snack without refined sugar and unnecessary additives. Their ambition is to give you several healthy snacks to choose from. They are filled with tasty fruit and saturating chia seeds. The ingredients are only organic raw materials of the highest class. And the manufacturing process has just as high standard. Only gentle pasteurisation are allowed to preserve nutrients and prolong the shelf life. 100% ecologic & 100% tasty. You won’t find any junk in these smoothies.

Mango, passionfruit, lemon & turmeric

Chia seeds combined with mango, sour passion fruit and topped with super-rooted turmeric for an extra kick to the snack!

Pomegranate, raspberry, beetroot & ginger

Chia seeds mixed with sweet raspberries, sour pomegranate and beetroot. Topped with tasty ginger for an extra stitch!

Apple, kiwi, banana & spirulina

Chia seeds in a fresh combination with kiwi, sweet apples topped with spirulina to give you a snack experience.

It’s the smooth smoothie that will give you that extra energy. At some times it can be difficult to prepare a healthy snack. On a busy day you might grab something unhealthy just to get that quick kick, or eat nothing at all. These smoothies are perfect if you’re having an energy dip at work or while studying. Also when you need a snack on the go and before working out.

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