Disgusting foor museum overview
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“Could changing our ideas of disgust help us embrace the environmentally sustainable foods of the future?”. This is the main idea behind a strange exhibition called the Disgusting Food Museum. A non judgemental look into foods around the world. Constantly challenging our ideas about what is edible and what gross or not. The exhibit has foods from all over the world being shown for what they are without any ideology or morality involved. It’s an honest and factual exhibit where you will get your preconceptions of what food actually is challenged over and over again. Until you reach the exhibit end boss… THE TASTING TABLE

Jennifer’s point of view

For someone who is squeamish, the taste bar was quite a challenge.  I could not taste the insects. That was a mental block that I just couldn’t get passed. But I dared myself to try everything else. So I did, and I gagged, a lot. The only thing that I actually could swallow was the Icelandic licorice, it tastes quite similar to djungelvrål. The thing that made my stomach turn was the Gamle Oles Farfar Cheese. The taste of it still makes me shiver. And I reckon that cheese will not be included in my diet for the next couple of months.

Roasted guinea pigs from Disgusting food museum

Emil’s point of view

I consider myself quite the adventurer. I love spicy, odd and for some even foul foods. I breezed through the bugs like the snacks they were. I got this, I thought. Then came the century egg. Odd texture but hey it tastes just like eggs. I got this, I thought. A jar opened. Old bishop cheese. I like cheese so I managed that too, but now I spat it out since it filled me with an odd feeling. I might not have this in the bag after all. The other cheeses were spat out but still nothing major. Durian tasted like onions, vanilla and garbage but I handled that too. Surströmming and Hakarl made me reconsider a lot of life decisions but I still felt confident. Then the stinky tofu came out from nowhere. I got this, I just have to be strategic about it. If I put it under my tongue before I spit it out it’s all good right? So I did. I accidentally squeezed my tongue down and there it was. The game ender. Putrid liquid from the depths of Asia filled my mouth and that was when I realized. I did not have this in the bag. I never did.

If you want to challenge your opinions and perceptions of food we thoroughly recommend a visit to the Disgusting Food Museum. The exhibit runs until September 1 and visiting hours are:

Wednesday – Sunday: 12:00 – 18:00
Recommended last entrance 17:00

They’re located at Slagthuset (Slaghuset, Carlsgatan 12) which is near the train station and is easily accessed by foot. The venue is also wheelchair accessible. Visit their website for more information.