Glam of Sweden was launched in 2014 and is based in Tomelilla, Skåne. And ever since their launch, they have given cheap priced makeup a new meaning. They have a passion for doing things differently, and they wanted a new way of selling makeup. Their idea was “pick & Mix”, a whole new concept in the beauty industry. And their products would be found in stores where we do our daily shopping.

Glam of Sweden does powders, eyeshadows, mascaras, false lashes, face masks, and a lot more.  The manufacturing is according to EU standards and no products are tested on animals. Not all of their products are vegan, but a big part of it. 

We had the amazing opportunity to try out some of their makeup and skincare range! And we wanted to share our first impressions of all of them.

What’s inside the box?

Micellar Cleansing Wipes – These micellar wipes are extra gentle to your skin. They remove makeup (even waterproof), cleanses and soothes your skin. Make sure to close the packet securely after use so the wipes doesn’t dry out. 

Powder (vegan) – A compact powder that you apply on your foundation. You can use on its own as well for a sheer natural look.

Self-tanning Wipes – Within just a few hours, you will have a natural glow. The wipers are designed to give a streak-free result. If you want a darker result, apply after 4-6 hours again. Use 2-3 times a week if you want to maintain your tan. Apply on dry skin without any lotion or makeup.

Collagen Facial Mask – This face mask is uplifting and hydrating. It reduces fine lines and gives you smoother, calmer skin. Before using the mask, cleanse your face. Apply and sit back and relax for 30 minutes. 

Gold Collagen Eye Mask – Reduces fine lines, lifts and shapes. Keep them on for about 10 minutes. If you tend to have puffy eyes, keep them in the fridge for 30 minutes before applying for a cooling effect. 

Concealer Stick – A creamy stick concealer that covers late nights and early mornings. 

Face Primer Clear  – Your skin will absorb this primer within second. It smells nice, and your makeup will last way longer.

Highlighter – A golden color that gives a subtle glow. Apply on the areas where you want that extra glow. Or mix in to your foundation for an all over radiance.

Lip Gloss – A sheer gloss that keeps your lips moisturized and stylish.  

Lip Balm – A cute lip balm to have in your bag. The round shape makes it really nice to apply. 

Lipstick – Creamy as a fondue. Available in several colors. 

Liquid Matte Lipstick (vegan) – Smells exactly like the “Zoo” candy, makes you want to eat it! Last almost the entire day, just have to top up after a meal.

Lip Gloss with Gold Flakes (vegan) – Perfect on its own, but even better on a lipstick. A gloss with gold flakes that makes your lips shimmer.

Concealer – A trio concealer that can cover up dark secrets. The red concealer is applied on dark circles. The yellow concealer is applied on red areas. The beige concealer is applied on areas where you just need to even out a bit. 

Nail Polish – A regular nail polish that is not that regular. Apply two layers for full coverage.

Nail Polish Skull Metallic – The bottle makes you fall in love at first sight. If doesn’t, then you might fall in love with the subtle metallic finish. 

Nail Polish Chrome (vegan) – With a small, compact brush, you apply the nail polish easily. It dries quickly and the chrome finish truly gives of that va-va-woom effect! Make sure to use a base coat before applying. 

Nail Polish Shell (vegan) – An outstanding color that will complete the summer look. 

Perfect Lash Mascara (vegan)  – This mascara gives both length and volume, easy to apply and buildable. It’s waterproof, which the micellar wipes can remove easily. 

Eyeliner – A waterproof liner that will last all day. 

One Step Eyebrow gel (vegan) – A waterproof and smudge proof eyebrow gel for a fuller, natural-looking brow definition.


My absolute favorite from these goodies, is the creamy concealer, face primer and eyeliner. The concealer covers really well and comes handy when cleaning up around your eyebrows. The face primer makes the foundation one with your skin. And the eyeliner gives a glossy result and the tip makes it easy to create a wing. I also really liked all of the nail polishes, they were so easy to apply and dried fast. The chrome one was extraordinary and I’m sure I will use it plenty of times!

You can find Glam of Sweden at selected Netto, ICA Maxi, Willys and City Gross. Visit their Instagram to get some makeup inspiration!