Wilma Holmqvist is one of the biggest youtubers in Sweden. She couldn’t find any makeup brushes that were both high quality and price worthy on the market, so she decided to make her own line. She engaged her followers in the process to make the best brushes possible. 

The result was Hickap. A set of 13 vegan makeup brushes, made of high quality synthetic bristles. You can use the brushes with powder, creams and liquid products. They won’t absorb any of the products used while applying, which makes your products last longer. 

Hickap Complete Set

We got to the the Hickap Complete Set. It’s a set of 10 brushes, the essentials you need to do a complete face look. The brushes that are included is:

Powder deluxe brush 111

Gives you a smooth and natural look. The brush is large and takes large areas on the face, but is also pointed so that you can reach smaller areas. You have full control of the powder and can feel confident that the brush has done its job.

Angled kabuki brush 112

Has compact bristles which make it perfect for cream and liquid products. Place the product using the brush on areas you want to sculpt, then blend the lines by dabbing the brush with light pressure until the lines become the preferred result.

Tapered blush brush 114

Airy and easy to apply both bronze and blush. Good for all powder products.

Round kabuki brush 115

Has long and just right dense hairs, so you can place your liquid foundation without getting stripes on the face. Can also be used for powder and mineral foundation

Multi highlight brush 119

A brush with several functions, works both with powder and liquid products. Highlight your cheekbones or cover dark circles under the eyes.

Eye blending brush 113

Has a large and soft brush head to easily blend your eyeshadow evenly on the lid. The size of the brush also makes it possible to mix out contour shadow at the nose or other smaller areas.

Intense shade brush 116

An extra compact brush which makes it great to apply eyeshadow and avoid uneven areas on the eyelid. The brush takes up a lot of product and apply the shadows evenly on the eyelid.

Angled eyebrow brush 117

With doubled thickness, it gives you full control of your eyebrows. A compact and small brush for full control of the eyebrows. Soak the brush a little for increased control.

Detailed crease brush 118

The brush makes it easier to tone out colors in a controlled manner. The brush is suitable for intensive shading and high color effect in the crease or outer corner of the eye.

Short shading brush 120

The perfect brush for laying the foundation of your eyeshadow.

How to wash the brushes

The surface of the bristles is antibacterial treated, which makes it easier to clean the brushes and keep them fresh for a long time. Since the brushes are vegan, you can easily wash them with soap or dish soap, and then rinse with lukewarm water. Try to avoid getting water inside the shaft, since it can dissolve the glue. To dry the brushes, lay them on a dry towel, with the shaft up, to avoid water to run in. 


The brushes are very soft and it feels lovely to use them on your skin, especially the Powder Deluxe brush. Applying your makeup feels like a gentle massage. Overall, the brushes are easy to use. They pick up a good amount of product and not much, basically nothing, falls off. While washing the brushes, the makeup is rinsed off easy. The bristles dries quickly, and the brushes with the most bristle hair can be used again after just after a couple of hours. The Complete Set is perfect for both the beginner and the professional makeup artist. It has all the essential brushes you need for both the everyday and glamorous looks. 

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