Invasion of the body snatchers movie poster
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As part of Spegelns celebrating space summer program they are showing quite the selection of Sci-fi movies this summer. Invasion of the body snatchers being their fantastic starting point for this event!

This version of Invasion of the body snatchers is actually a remake of the original film from 1956. This particular version is directed by Philip Kaufman and have some pretty big stars such as Donald Sutherland, Jeff Goldblum and Leonard Nimoy to name a few.

This is a science fiction movie all about paranoia. After odd plants are starting to show up people change. Not physically but mentally. They start to seem off, not themselves. Actually they might not even be themselves anymore! This is a subtle take on the invasion genre of movies. There are no big spaceships, shooting aliens and otherworldly terrors. It’s all subtle and it creates a ton of paranoia both in the cast and us as the viewers.

Invasion of the body snatchers is very good att confusing the viewers and placing mistrust in them. It is at times very hard to tell if it is an original person or an alien replacement. The atmosphere is stressful, eerie and engaging. On top of that the cinematography is top notch and while the soundtrack seems off at times (one time during the movie it sounds like someone sat on a Moog synth) it still gets the job done.

Spegeln could not have chosen any better movie than this to start off the summer with. It is a spooky introduction to the genre as a whole and it was quite the ride all the way till the satisfying ending. I thoroughly recommend you keep your eyes peeled for more movies in their sci-fi lineup this summer. And remember, the person sitting next to you might be a replacement.