Ah yes the theater. British posh and lovely theater, guaranteed to make even the strongest of wallets cry. Unless it’s live at the movies. Then even us mortals can afford it. Today we are looking at the Spegeln’s theater experience featuring King Lear!

As I have previously said I am quite the newbie when it comes to theater. It’s scary, personal and very intimate. I had some worry going into King Lear on the big screen rather than in the theater. But thanks to the pretty small room we saw it in, the intimacy was kept intact. Because of the comfy nature of the venue I might even say it felt even more intimate. Almost like the actors were acting out in your living room instead of on the stage!

The only other difference besides pricing (it’s a lot cheaper to see theater at a movie theater) and the fact that there is a screen was the diversity. I have to admit that I have a lot of preconceptions of things. People that go to the theater is in my mind posh, rich and high brow. After seeing King Lear I know that is not the case. It was a giant mix of people ranging from old to young, fancy dressed to casually dressed etc etc. Frankly it was a joy to get that preconception shattered.

Alright, my thoughts on the play King Lear featuring none other than Gandalf, sorry I mean Ian McKellen! It was an intense 3 hour play. King Lear was over the top, dramatic and emotional all the way through. It felt epic, real and heartfelt. You can tell that Ian McKellen have done theater for decades cause damn does his acting transcend right into your emotional heart.

I’ll leave you with this. If you are on the fence of going to professional expensive theater then give Spegeln a chance. It’s affordable, comfy and you get a really great theater experience.