Coffee has been one of our main source of energy in Sweden and was introduced back in 1674. Until the turn of the 18th century when it became fashionable by the wealthy it slowly gained its respectable status ever since. Best in Sweden are proud being able to announce the most impressive Swedish coffee roastery that’s been there for us a very long time. Löfbergs was established in 1906 by the brothers Josef, Anders and John Löfberg. This family based company has played an very important role in the Swedish coffee culture and has been with us for over 100 years, supplying us with perfectly roasted quality coffee that’s been contributing in our overall productivity, the ability to stay woke and having the most perfect traditional fikas with our friends and loved ones. The strong sense of passion mixed with family values creates the solid and genuine company that Löfbergs is today and we’re really proud to feature a true classic on Best in Sweden.

With different origin of the coffee bean, Löfbergs blends, matches and roasts these to create a variety of coffee suitable for all occasions imaginable. Medium or dark roasted arabica coffee that’s fruity and velvety, sweet and nutty, rich and complex or smooth & sweet. They really satisfy every need for the most perfect cup. This superior Swedish roastery are truly masters at what they do and their passion really comes through when brewing this delicious coffee where the uplifting smell really makes me look forward to the intense flavours these blends has. Considering Löfbergs original status Best in Sweden are seriously excited being able to feature a true classic as Löfbergs that matches our values – being the very best.

We’ve had the honor to try out two kinds of their Next Generation Organic coffee – medium roast and dark roast. The medium roast goes perfectly with light meals and is delicious together with the traditional fika. It’s light and a bit sweet that’s easy to sip, a delicious smooth coffee. Their dark roast version goes very well in the mornings when you need a stronger pick-me-up. The complex, strong and rich flavour wakes me up in an instant that also goes very well after nice dinners in the afternoon. These fantastic cups of coffee gives me energy, keeps me warm and contributes to overall well being. The strong aromatic coffee scent spreads through the whole area after one brew aswell that makes me really happy and eager to get productive.

Löfbergs is one of the largest family owned coffee roastery in Scandinavia that produce around 10 million cups of coffee – a day. This impressive amount also equals in a strong revenue that has has around 350 coworkers in seven countries. The core markets include Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estland, Lettland, Litauen and Great Britain. This great success is no surprise since the great quality Löfbergs provides for us.

We really love Löfbergs and what they do. A valued treasure in Sweden that does everything right and are always being there for us in every tradition and day of the week we have. Slow mornings or stressful work days, Löfbergs is there for us supplying great coffee that enables us to be more productive and successful.  A true contributor to the coffee culture in general that delivers the very best. Best in Sweden loves Löfbergs and we can’t wait to try out more of their new releases! Make sure to follow them on instagram and stay updated on their news!