Löwengrip Insant Glow Face Mist Day Mask Review

Isabella Löwengrip was first known to be quite a provocative blogger. She was blogging about her not so very real extravagant lifestyle and fashion. But to provoke her readers was her plan all along, and it worked. She had one of the most read blogs in Sweden. Isabella used her blog to create business opportunities, which she succeeded with. Isabella understood quite early that she was an entrepreneur by heart. 

One of Isabella Löwengrip’s passions is beauty, and in 2012, she and Pingis Hadenius founded the beauty company Löwengrip Care & Color. Their first products were dry shampoo and mascara. The dry shampoo was a hit, it did the job and it smelled wonderful. They continued to develop a hair care range, and now skincare. 

The products are produced from start to finish in Sweden. All the products are made to suit sensitive skin, hair and scalp. They have been tested in the tough Nordic region, and will protects and nourish your skin and hair – wherever you are in the world. 

Both Isabella and Pingis are two power women, who wants other women to succeed. Therefore, the brand also aims to empower women, and to help them take a step closer to achieving work-life balance.The products are both multifunctional and time-saving. In that way, you can have balanced glowing skin while you’re at work. 

Instant Glow

The Instant Glow range is enriched with encapsulated Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. It will give your skin a radiant, healthy look, at the same time as it nourish and smooths it. Beside the luster-boosting ingredients, it protects the skin against environmental damage while strengthening the skin’s natural barrier function. With the scent of green leaves, banana, orange and vanilla, it will also give the everyday beauty routine a complete uplift. Suitable for all ages and skin types. 

Facial Mist

The facial mist is applied to cleansed skin as a primer, to set makeup or throughout the day for an instant glow. It restores the pH-balance for long lasting vitality, provides nutrition and acts as a protective anti-pollution shield. 

Day mask 

The day mask even out the skin tone and adds an instant dewy complexion. The formula is composed with a micro-shimmer complex that boosts the skin’s glowing look, and will last for hours. It includes nourish hydrating ingredients that will make wonders on the skin’s long lasting quality. It’s applied on cleansed face after a facial serum. You don’t rinse it off.  You can use it as a substitute for a day cream, since it nourishes and rehydrates the skin. You can also use it as a primer for extra glow. 


At first, both  the products have a banana scent, but after a couple of minutes it’s all green leaves. Since it’s a glow product, I was expecting the scent to be more citrusy. The scent is really fresh and it feels sophisticated. Not what I was expecting, but I really like it.

The day mask works lovely on its own. It evens out my skin tone a bit, and it’s perfect for those days when I don’t want to wear a full face. I’ve used the day mask as a primer a couple of times, and wow. I find the foundation easier to apply, it gets more even. There’s also a subtle glow through the entire day. 

The facial mist is really nice and it feels refreshing. I tried this one too, as a primer, and it adds that extra glow. But what I really like, is a combo of both of them. First the  Löwengrip day mask, then foundation, setting powder, bronzing powder and finish with Löwengrip Facial Mist. The result is fantastic! A radiant look that will last all day. The products have been great during summer, and I look forward to use them in the fall when your skins tend to get dull.

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