M Picaut Serum Precious Oil Skin Perfect Moisturiser Foaming Cleanser

Mette Picaut was a full-time model between 1989-2000. She was working mostly in Tokyo, but also in Paris, Madrid, London and Scandinavia. It was during this time that her interest for skincare was born. Back in those day retouching wasn’t common, and everyone was obsessed with having the perfect skin. 

But the idea of creating her own skincare brand came some time after she was done modelling. She was 40 years old, studying to be a nurse and was on maternity leave with her second child. The idea came to her when she was just laying on the couch. The idea and a fika with a Doctor of Chemistry changed Mette’s life and career. The day after their meeting, Mette started mixing her own ecological oils at home in the kitchen.

Mette was longing for products that wasn’t only ecological and great for the skin, but also satisfying for her mind. M Picaut’s choices of the ingredients are efficiency, sensuality and naturalness regardless of which part of the world, or the research, they come from. The ingredients come from pure crops which makes it easy to choose ingredients. For example, choosing soft cocoa butter instead of synthetic ingredients is an obvious choice. She wants you to have an effective beauty care with good conscience.

In 2017, M Picaut won Best Scandinavian Skin Care Brand and Best Scandinavian Ecological Skin Care brand at Beauty Shortlist Award. In 2018, it won the Best Scandinavian Skin Care Brand title again. And now, the brand will be main skincare brand at VANN spa, hotel & conference in Bohuslän. Their products will be used exclusively at the spa hotel. They are also putting together a signature treatment for the hotel guests.


Glorious Green Foaming Cleanser is a sulphate free silky foaming cleanser with cucumber juice to calm, refresh and to add glow. Lemon myrtle and Sea buckthorn balance and cleanse the skin with natural anti-inflammatory properties. Gently removes impurities without disturbing the skin’s natural barrier. You can remove your makeup with this, but I prefer to remove my makeup with micellar water, then clean my face with this. If you want to remove your makeup in one step, use two pumps of it. To wash your face without any makeup, use one pump. My skin feels clean, and the scent of lemon myrtle makes it feel really fresh.

The Hydra Miracle Serum hydrates your skin with the nature’s best hydrators;  Sea algea, Tamarind fruit, Sea buckthorn and Hyaluronic acid. The skin is intensely hydrated with a miraculous glow and beauty. The serum is absorbed quickly and the scent is lovely. Unfortunately, my skin wasn’t ready for this yet, it might be a bit too active for my skin. But, I have read amazing reviews about it and I’m sure of that it will suit someone with not as sensitive skin as mine.

M Picaut Skin Perfect Moisturizer is a unique formula of lipo-peptider and natural ingredients. It moisturises day and/or night and the allergen free cream is easily absorbed by the skin. The cream is also rich in nourishing Sea buckthorn oil, Olive- and Apricot kernel oil. The moisturizer is one of my favorites. While changing to this I didn’t get any breakouts at all. My skin absorbs it quick, and it doesn’t leave my face shiny or oily. And the areas where I tend to get dry patches haven’t appeared.

The Precious Oil increases the skin’s own production of collagen, which actively diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. It intensely boosts the skin with its Apricot kernel oil, Jojoba and Sea buckthorn oil. Now, I am not a fan of applying oil products on my face. I often feel more oily and like it has triggered breakouts. So while starting using the Precious Oil, I applied only a little bit to see how my skin reacted. And I must say, it was a positive surprise. My skin feels so smooth, like silk, after applying it. I reckon that this will be a favorite during the cold winter months when my skin needs some extra nourishment.

You can find M Picaut’s amazing products here and in selected stores.