NärCon is the largest gaming and cosplay festival in Scandinavia. It’s arranged two times a year, usually in February and July. The festival offers activities such as board games, arcade games, panels, roleplay, e-sports tournaments, and more. One of the festivals major events is the cosplay competitions. Every year, NärCon hosts the Nordic Cosplay Championship. It’s co-ordinated by event organizers from Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. Each country pick their winners from respective cosplay scene, and then they meet at NärCon to compete for prizes.

NärCon was founded by Sam Anlér back in 2002. After five years, the event attracted about 500 people. In 2017, there were over 10.000 people at the event. This number speaks not only speaks for how popular the cosplay and gaming scene actually is, there is so much more to it. During the summer event they offer outside activites as Kubb, Hide and Seek, Bumberball. They arrange a rave, disco, capella, theaters and more

NärCon has become an event where people can be who they are, without being judged. It doesn’t matter if you’re straight, gay, trans, non-binary, ace, queer – the festival belongs to you. The visitors have one thing that brings them together, their interest in gaming, cosplay, anime, fantasy or sci-fi, and that’s the only thing that matters. Here you can meet new friends for life!

I am going to Linköping today, with my two cosplays for the weekend. Miss Fortune from League of Legends, and Cruella Deville. I hope to se you there!