Grooming for awesome outlooks and health has been of utmost importance in order to find a mate and to survive in general. Best in Sweden are glad to present Nõberu of Sweden and their top class skincare products for us gentlemen that improves our health and makes us look good. We really cares for companies that care for us and we take huge pride in featuring the very best brands. We’re extremely happy being able to collaborate with Nõberu of Sweden and their top quality products. In addition to great skincare products they also supply everything we need for our daily routines including shaving, styling, grooming and beard care products. There’s also other accessories such as caps, towels, razors and other necessary tools for the daily grooming routines. We’ve had the pleasure to try out a broad range of their products and are really impressed by the genuine quality throughout.

Their shampoo and conditioner feels luxurious and comes in square packaging that are easy to both open and close. It gives off a great scent of sandalwood and sufficient foam to wash & rinse. They contain jojoba, argan & olive oil that gives amazing results after just one rinse and left with stunning direct results. This mild scent isn’t overpowering and contributes to a very pleasant wash. My hair felt amazing and was left with a fresh clean scent of sandalwood and are also available in Amber Lime. High quality shampoo & conditioner with a fantastic scent leaves me very impressed.

Continuing with mending our outlooks we got to try out their nice face moisturiser that gives great results after just one use. It comes in a great pump action bottle that renders it easy to use and gives my facial area a really moisturized that counters the otherwise oily skin. A great product for a quick refreshed look to combat the stresses of our daily lives that also provides a refreshed outlook. It contains green tea and caring oils that leaves stunning results.        

They’ve also got a wide array of hair styling products with different strengths for all occasions imaginable, and this with interesting scents such as tobacco vanilla or amalfi. Tried out their Strong Hold wax that has a perfect low-key scent that gives my hair a really firm hold that could last through any rough weather with a clear non-greasy effect. They’re available in different clays, pomades & waxes that covers all your hair styling needs.

In addition to this fantastic skin care & styling products, Nõberu also supplies supreme quality razors that gives the most perfect shaving experience one could ever dream off. It weighs 85 grams and comes in stainless steel that is the best razor I’ve ever tried! The mechanical features enables changing of razors which they also supply. Affordable and with top quality these razors will definitely leave you both satisfied and trimmed. For added functionality there’s shaving stands and shaving brushes available.

Nõberu of Sweden delivers top quality products and covers everything gentlemen needs for our daily grooming routines. With interesting scents, a broad array of products that’s well developed and with high quality we’re delighted being able to feature Nõberu of Sweden and top tier product range.