NOCCO ‘No Carbs Company’ has achieved a very respectable status throughout Sweden since it was launched back in December 2014. In just a few years it gained an impressive amount of support and followers that until this day continues its soaring success. This ultimate in energy sports drinks is not only absolutely delicious but also contributes to greater strength, focus and health in general. Something we really love at Best in Sweden are companies that contribute to wellness and prosperity amongst humanity and NOCCO is one of the few rare brands that with its good intentions reaches a special place in our heart.

By being totally sugar free, providing energy together with the branched chain amino acids and its high vitamin contents we’re extremely excited to present this top player and their delicious drinks.

We’re seeking new ways to combat fatigue, stress and general exhaustion. Today’s modern advancements in nutrition science makes it able to develop drinks that improves the human functions. NOCCO’s team has done an outstanding job regarding both taste and nutritional contents that combats low performance elements while increasing a state of mental clarity. The careful balance of vitamins, caffeine, green tea extracts and amino acids helps aiding the brain and body in demanding situations whether it’s the gym or long drives. Strategically consumed in a balanced diet could improve your results in most areas of life that requires mental focus and physical endurance. NOCCO contains 180 mg of caffeine and 3000 mg of BCAA – branched-chain amino acids that include three essential ones – L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valin which aids in the muscle growth, decreases muscle soreness and reduces exercise fatigue. In addition to this it also has green tea extract and different vitamins including D, B12 and B6 to name a few.

With their top notch broad range of flavors that adds to both life quality and performance we’re very pleased to feature their latest flavor ‘Ice Soda’ on Best in Sweden. The flavor is very uplifting and fresh with a crisp taste of zesty candy. The refreshing very unique taste is one of a kind that’s unforgettable.  With the classic healthy and original taste that the NOCCO products has, when served cold and considering the vigorous contents this energy drink totally satisfies in a very tasteful manner. There is a certain originality with the flavor that makes me come back for more.

We’re really impressed by this company and their outstanding energy drinks. It makes me real proud being a part of this concept that promotes the very best, that cares for you and takes you to the next level. NOCCO has all the regents for continuous success and we over at Best in Sweden can’t wait to try out more of their flavours and future releases.

A huge thanks to our fantastic friends over at NOCCO for sponsoring us with the delicious drinks thus making this article available. Make sure to visit their well designed website and give them a couple of well deserved likes on instagram!