Nothing By Sweden Deodorants

A couple of years ago, a Swedish inventor discovered that there were three different salts that together could remove odors. This would be the invention that created Nothing by Sweden. After a couple of years of researching, testing and production – the deodorant were ready for the market. In August 2018, they introduced the deodorant to the world.

The deodorants are very kind to your skin. They are completely fragrance free, and suits both men and women. Not only is it kind to your skin, but also to animals and the environment. Nothing’s deodorants are vegan and doesn’t contain any bad ingredients. No parabens, no alcohol and no aluminium. They contain only 7 ingredients, which is water, 3 salts and 3 ingredients that stabilize and make the deodorant long-lasting. The three sodium salts that make the deodorant so unique are sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate & sodium sulfate.

Not only does the deodorant eliminate odor, it also lets the skin breathe and does not clog the pores. It can take 2-3 weeks for the deodorant to reach its full effect. This is because the Nothing deodorants allow the skin in your armpits to breath again, especially if you have used deodorant with aluminum. You can see it as a detox for your skin!

The Nothing deodorants are available in two options, a roll-on and a spray. Both have the same effect, it’s just a matter of preference. The spray also works great to spray on your feet to keep them fresh.

Nothing by Sweden is so sure of its product that if you are not satisfied with the product after 30 days – you’ll get the money back. You can buy the deodorant at their website, and there only.  They want a close relationship with the customer as possible and not have any intermediaries. This is to constantly eliminate problems and improve the product.

Let your skin breath naturally, and smell nothing with Nothing.

Get your deodorant today!