Movie poster of One Cut Of The Dead
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Not too long ago Spegeln had a double feature zombie night which featured One Cut Of The Dead and Anna And The Apocalypse. As a heavy horror movie geek this was right up my alley. Especially since One Cut Of The Dead had its one and only Swedish Screening.

The zombie genre has sadly become quite formulaic and frankly kind of stale. But this movie managed to put a fresh perspective and spin on the genre. The movie is about a low budget film making team. Of course they are making a zombie movie in an old research facility from WW2. Quickly they find themselves in a real zombie apocalypse and their mad director insists that the camera must keep rolling at all times!

The premise might not sound that fresh and innovative. But there is one huge twist that I won’t tell you since it spoils everything. But that twist alone made me absolutely love One Cut Of The Dead. The only thing I can tell you is that the whole movie is done in two 40 minute takes with an extremely low budget. Fantastically the actors does not suck and the effects practical as they may be really sets the mood of this comedy horror zombie movie.

One Cut Of The Dead is an absolute thrill ride from start to finish. The middle part is a tad bit slower paced but that’s just for the purpose of setting up the ending. It has humor that works even if you are not Japanese (Japanese comedy has some very regional humor at times) and the characters are funny and loveable.

Even if it might be too late to see it in the cinema it is available as a rental on Google Play. It is a fresh take on a genre that has gone stale since its glory days back in the eighties. This is a movie with great humor, loveable characters and awesome pacing. One Cut Of The Dead might be the zombie movie of the year from my point of view!