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19Hundra, Storgatan, Ängelholm, Sweden
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If your time in Sweden leaves you hankering for some American cuisine and classic cocktails, grab your friends and head on over to Angelholm for a visit to 19Hundra Restaurant & Cocktail Bar. Here you’ll find familiar items like fish and chips, burgers and fries, grilled chicken, wings, mozzarella sticks, jalapenos, and even brownies for dessert, all accompanied by what is claimed to be the widest selection of beers in town.

19Hundra also offers a number of fine wines and around 300 different spirits, but its pride is its menu of cocktails, both modern signature mixes and classic drinks that date back to the 19th century when the cocktail was born, hence the establishment’s name. The bar’s concept draws from the speakeasies of the American Prohibition era, so live piano and sax jazz, bands, singers and even DJs are fixtures.

19Hundra wants to be the place people go to play and offers Finally Friday folks after-work happy hours each week featuring a barbecue buffet for 149 with extra drinks for only 50. A live DJ spins tunes in the cocktail bar while their newest addition, the Crystal Club downstairs, hosts karaoke. The Crystal Club is also available for private parties and is open for special events.

So whether you’re looking to relax while sipping a classic martini and listening to piano jazz, belting out a karaoke tune with your pals, chowing down on an old fashioned cheeseburger, or cutting up the dance floor to the latest tunes, 19Hundra has a place for you!