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Friisgatan 8, Malmö, Sverige
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A new thinking, Swedish neighborhood squad – then presents Restaurant Rebell. Since the start of 2010, updated dishes have been served, originating from Swedish food. Turn on a mouthwash and something good in the glass, or try to share a bunch of dishes with your party.

Social dining in the correct sense of the word. The rooms at Friisgatan have a atmospheric and personal atmosphere. The dishes are based on seasonal ingredients and fall under smaller and larger plates. The menu is in Swedish characters, but without necessarily being cleaned home food. Here international influences are picked up to complement the Swedish tones, which in turn becomes both modern and surprising.

Many of the dishes on the menu are medium sized, perfect to share and taste along with the rest of the party. For those who want to drive a more traditional setting, there is still the possibility to drive an appetizer, main course and dessert. At lunchtime you will find generous and well-chosen meat and fish dishes at reasonable prices.
Plus also for clear fingering on gluten, lactose and vegan dishes. New for 2017 is that the hook summer time will be expanded with an additional 80 seats on the outdoor terrace, when Friisgatan becomes summer walking street without traffic.