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Drottningtorget 8, Malmö, Sverige
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Combine a party of boule with French delicacies and let it be a whole night. At Boulebar there are 14 courses indoors and eight outdoors, as well as a restaurant and bar where all types of companies meet to socialize and have fun. Here you will find friends, families, corporate events and novels as well as bouleveterans in mixed ages. Larger companies can easily book different types of events in advance.
In Malmo’s pampering and K-marked old riding house from the 19th century, winds are now blown by French-influenced winds. The building’s original details are preserved and give the room its character. In the center it is found to the size of the generous bar, with the plant’s open kitchen in the back.
The place works equally well to visit day as evening, and for those who feel insane or maybe never tested boule before, there is guidance. Bring friends, colleagues, family together or bring your date and book a quick course in the game. Here are dedicated instructors in place to help you through the relatively simple game rules. Like southern European manners, the recipe for a successful evening is also a common moment over a piece of food and accompanying drinks. From the menu you choose between different rustic dishes, and for the larger party it is recommended that you let the table be filled with different dishes to taste and share with everyone. Bet on one of Boulebar’s combined food and player offers, where 90 minutes of boule is included, or try some snacks after the match.
Instead of strengthening yourself with something from the bar, here you will find everything from traditional pastis to beer, wine and French cider. Why not challenge your company in boule and celebrate the victory with oyster and champagne?