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Gustav Adolfs torg 10B, Malmö, Sverige
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This year in 2018, Box Space was voted the best Co-Working office in the city of Malmo on! The office is well lit and furnished in modern Scandinavian style with function and comfort in mind.

Co-working is one of the newest trends today in the professional world. The makings of a quality co-working space include a fast connection, a productive atmosphere, good amenities, private meeting rooms, friendly and polite co-workers, and the space to get your tasks accomplished. As a long time freelancer, the founder of Box Space, Mr. Martin Ericson, has tried all manners of workspaces; hotel lobbies, cafes, bars, restaurants, public parks, you name it! In an attempt to curate a friendly, supporting and inspiring environment for other freelancers and small businesses to work together, and share in each other’s success.

Co-working is the idea atmosphere for entrepreneurs and those who take please in the work that they do. Signing up to work at Box Space, you’ll meet people from all around the world; giving you an idea mix of domestic and international perspectives should you feel the need to bounce off some ideas or simply have a friendly chat with those around you.

Box Space is very reasonable priced as well compared with many similar businesses; you can join monthly for as little as 1900 SEK per month. Leaving you without the trouble of getting yourself into a yearly lease and all the other costs associated with setting up your own office to work from.