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Directly connected to Hotel Mortensen, everything is served from classic house to lesser plum in bright rooms overlooking Baltzargatan. Here you will find both lunching business guests and friends who are in the shop. Whether you’re on the move or staying at home, a hotel restaurant can give you an international touch.
Brasserie Mortensen serves lunch with influences from all over the world’s house, as well as the week’s soup, fish or vegetarian dishes, which attracts a wide audience of both residents and residents in Malmö.

Every Friday you can have classic AW feel in the restaurant. At the bar you will find affordable thirst quenchers, while the brasserie picks up a pick-up buffet just enough to round off the work week and the weekend is celebrated.
In the evenings you will find the brasserie’s homemade menu that follows the season’s flavors. Bet on some of the food’s midday dishes, or why not a little bit of social pie along with something good in the glass. During the spring and summer season, the outdoor seating is a safe bet, as the central location in Malmö offers both folklore and beautiful outdoor huts with the culture and entertainment options.