bröd och vänner chef
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Nobelvägen 44, Malmö, Sverige
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It has been five years since Christer Havung left his career as a project manager and founded this small, quaint, and intimate café that translates into ‘Bread and Friends’ in English.
Situated in Nobelvägen, Bröd och Vänner specializes on homemade savory breads – levain to baguettes – as well as an array of freshly made heavenly sweet pastries – from classics like cinnamon buns and cardamom buns. All of which are completely made by love, natural, and organic. If you’re seeking for a hearty and wholesome brunch or lunch, they also offer a selection of savory pies, salads, and seasonal soups. Oh, and did we mention that they serve one of the nicest coffees in town too?