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Gustav Adolfs torg 49, Malmö, Sverige
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Purported to be one of the best and most exquisite hotels in Malmo, the Elite Plaza Hotel is sure to exceed every expectation held by even the pickiest luxury traveler. This is a 4-star accommodation, which has garnered excellent reviews online. With soft feather beds, multilingual staff, and all the best amenities, you are sure to never forget your stay at this historic location. The hotel’s location was chosen very carefully, housed in the center of Malmo; you’ll never feel out of the action of the city in this elegant 19th-century building.

This hotel is located next to Gustav Adolf Square, 500m from Malmo Castle’s beautiful gardens, and 700 m from Malmö Central Station; making getting around the city a breeze, even if your meeting happens to be across town. If you’re in Malmo for pleasure, be sure to ask the concierge for suggestions or assistance in planning out the perfect day of eating, sightseeing, and shopping. Most of the rooms in the charming hotel come with complimentary breakfast, so be sure to grab a coffee and a croissant on your way out.

The Elite Plaza Hotel offers many amenities including but not limited to complimentary Wi-Fi, a fitness center (sauna included), tea & coffee facilities, as well as perfect temperature control with a reliable air conditioning and heating system. The hotel also has its own pub and restaurant, the Bishop’s Arms, serving traditional Swedish pub dishes and the most excellent selection of beer, wine, and cocktails. Cheers to finding the perfect accommodation for your stay in Malmo!