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Viktoriagatan 12, 411 25 Gothenburg, Sweden
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This bar takes all of the quality and care that is put into fine dining and serves it in the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere of your neighborhood pub. It is a welcoming place to come for a drink after work or sip and eat all night with friends.

The hip and trendy vibe is juxtaposed by the classic recipes found on the menu. While at first glance you may think the recipes are traditional, however you will find the modern preparation of these authentic recipes make them something entirely new and exciting. 

For example, the raw beef generally would be served with oil and arugula. However, here you get tortilla chips, avocado, ricotta cheese, and red onion. For those that are looking for something hearty and do not like meat, the roasted pumpkin with powdered lentils, mushrooms, and yogurt is something that will stay in your memory for years to come. 

Beyond great food that is available even late, they have a great variety of drinks as well. The staff can help you choose a wine that suits not only your palate, but your particular mood as well. Choosing drinks with the bartenders here is like having your fortune read. They get to know the intimate details about your tastes so they can find the perfect drink for your evening. 

Every experience here is incredibly personal. Whether you are dining alone, on a date, or here with a large group for a celebration, they are attentive and always professional.