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Vasaplatsen 4, 411 34 Gothenburg, Sweden
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Is there anything more indulgent that sitting back with a great wine and delicious Italian food? If you find something let me know. In the meantime we all have Enoteca Del Signore to satisfy us. 

When you enter and relax into one of the plush booths you can rest assured that all of your wine dreams are about to come true. They take flavor seriously here, but not so seriously you can’t have a great time. The staff specially selects foods that will pair with the beautifully cultivated wine selection they offer. 

There is something for every pallet here and a dish for every wine. You can come in to just enjoy a glass or bottle with friends after work. However, while you discuss your day’s events, plans for the future, or thoughts and ideas, you may find your appetite growing. The scents of savory sauces and grilling meats from the kitchen might just work convince you that what you really need is dinner. 

You can start with something simple like the mozzarella caprese but be careful, it is a gateway to other dishes. Next there are creamy pasta sauces and fresh seafood. Before you know it you’ll have a four course meal laid out in front of you. 

Fortunately there will be no regrets by the time you have reached the pannacotta for dessert. You can look back on all the tasty treats and perfect pairings and wonder when you can do it all again.