Epoque Göteborg
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Opens 2h 10m
Opens 2h 10m
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Södra Vägen 8A, 412 54 Gothenburg, Suedia
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Fantastic food, personal service, and a beautiful environment? It all seems too good to be true. However, that is what you get when you come to Epoque. All are welcome for food, drinks, and lively conversation. 

The staff here is welcoming to each guest. They make you feel like you are coming to an old friend’s house for a dinner party. Don’t be surprised if you quickly make friends with your waiter or even some guests at a table near you. The atmosphere here is lively and fun, encouraging new friendships and lasting memories. 

If the experience isn’t memorable enough, the food will be. The chefs here are creative and work with fresh seasonal ingredients. They take inspiration from all over the world to create dishes that excite the taste buds.

You will always find plenty of fresh seafood like oysters or scallops on the menu. If you are looking for something a little heartier, the burgers are phenomenal or you could try delicacies like the grilled duck. The even have exciting vegetarian options like corn fritters with chili sauce. Each dish is prepared fresh and elegantly served to you as quickly as possible. 

To go along with dinner, or maybe just to sip on throughout the evening, they have a great variety of beers, wines, and liquors. There are also several after dinner drinks you can sip on while you indulge in some dessert like the blueberry French toast brioche with vanilla ice cream.