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Västra Vägen 5, 475 42 Hönö, Sweden
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Hönö is a wonderful getaway for locals and tourists alike in Göteborg. And if you are visiting Hönö, you cannot miss Franses. It is a wonderful and lively place with staff that give you the feeling you have known them your whole life in just the first conversation. There is no place you can visit that feels more like home without even trying, regardless of where home may actually be. 

To go along with the homey and relaxed vibe of the restaurant, the food and drinks are amazing as is the view. Not surprisingly, because it is a small island, the restaurant is located near the water and has breathtaking views of the landscape. It is the type of place that you can sit and stare for hours and not realize a minute has even gone by. 

Inside the restaurant is restic and warm, not only in temperature but in feeling. There is a beautiful fireplace to warm you in the cold months and comfortable seating throughout. With over 40 beers to try, you can definitely find yourself spending far more time than expected here. 

Add to the wide variety of beers, the classic and tasty dishes they serve for lunch and weekend dinners and you may never want to leave. The meals are hearty and filling. The fresh seafood or Sunday roast paired with the cosy and loving environment makes this a destination for those travelling from the city, and a regular stop for those on the island.