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Södra Hamngatan 31, 411 14 Gothenburg, Sweden
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Did you know that if you were to search for a pub while in England your map would be completely covered in blue pin drops showing you the nearest pubs? It is true. If there is one thing the Enlgish know how to do, although there are many, it is to create the perfect atmosphere for knocking back a few ales and watching a football match with friends. 

To many the golden days would mean a period of extreme happiness. It is most often talked about when referring to long forgotten days of youth. However, here at Golden Days Pub that is not the case. They believe the golden days should be now and we make it that way by living life to the fullest every day. 

To help us live our best lives they offer great food, a relaxing and cosy atmosphere, and of course plenty of drinks. 

On the menu you will find classic English pub food. This means tasty fried fish and chips, flame grilled beef fillet with bacon wrapped asparagus, and a forest mushroom soup. There are even some Swedish favorite to be had like toast skagen, for a little taste of home. 

Beyond great food and drink, they have entertaining events like a pub quiz night. You can come with a team or compete against friends while testing your trivia knowledge. This happens every Thursday, if you are especially serious you can join the league and compete in the Golden League Championship for special prizes.