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Opens 2h 12m
Opens 2h 12m
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Teatergatan 36, 411 35 Göteborg, Sweden
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This restaurant was built on inspiration from the delicious wine varieties found in Spain and France. Jaun Font was raised in restaurants and bars and this passion is put into everything they do here. 

The bar features wines from all over Spain. The diverse landscape of the country leads to an assortment of flavors, aromas, and even textures in their wines. Here they celebrate reds from Rioja and how they contrast the whites from Galicia. This bar aims to not only promote the diversity in flavor that Spain has to offer, but also educate their customers on how the smallest changes in elevation or soil can make huge changes to a wine’s flavor profile.

The owner’s and staff are very well educated on the subject of wine. They can share knowledge about food and wine pairings, how to taste wine, and just about anything else you want to know. 

To complement the wines, they have created a diverse menu of treats from both Spain and Sweden. There is, of course, cheese, meats, nuts, and other small snacks. For the heartier appetite, they have sourdough pizzas with fresh and exciting toppings. Finally, for a memorable taste of Swedish and French delicacies they offer exquisite oysters. 

All of this is prepared and served with the sophisticated elegance you crave in a wine bar. While the food, drinks, and atmosphere are dignified and tasteful, the staff keeps the vibe friendly and inviting with laughter and warm smiles.