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Vasagatan 9, 411 24 Gothenburg, Sweden
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Koks gives you the relaxed and cosy atmosphere you crave for a lunch or dinner escape, paired with well cooked and delicious dishes. Add to that their great service, reasonable prices, and imaginative drinks and you have a recipe for success.

The restaurant is large yet manages to remain intimate. In the warm months you can enjoy your food out on the patio. It is a lovely spot to relax at lunch and watch the world. 

There is enough space for large parties to come and enjoy the shareable plates while couples enjoy a romantic dinner, unbothered by the din of the other guests. The decor is simple and minimalistic. It welcomes you into the restaurant without distracting you from the reason you came in the first place, for the world class food of course.

The chefs take their experience and wealth of knowledge to enhance and improve traditional Swedish recipes for the refined palate of today. Dishes like butter fried pork on spinach and  red onion with crab meat and seafood sauce are the perfect combination of “surf and turf” and like nothing you have ever tasted. 

You can pair your favorite dishes with some fantastic wines, or check in with the bartender and grab a cocktail. In fact, the drinks are enough to bring you in for a while after work. However, if you come in for just a drink with friends, before you realize it you might find you are ordering food thanks to the enticing scents wafting from the kitchen.