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Kungsportsavenyen 7, 411 36 Gothenburg, Sweden
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The French elegance you will discover in Le Pain Francais Bistro is unexpected and delightful. Walking into the restaurant is like entering a fairytale. You are immediately immersed in old world architecture juxtaposed with the modern colors and sophistication. If you come in unaware of what you are getting into, it can sweep you off your feet.

The restaurant and nightclub is a veritable wonderland of colors, textures, and comfort. And that is not even talking about the food and drinks. Before you have even ordered, you feel pampered like some sort of dutchess or lord. 

Even more impressive than the decor and atmosphere is the ease of experiencing this luxury any time of day. They are open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and everything in between. Breakfast includes treats like fresh baked pastries and breads for which France is so well known and beloved. 

At lunch, there are a variety of sandwiches and salads. There is something to satisfy every appetite. For those with lighter tastes there is seafood and fresh vegetables. If you are a heartier eater you can try the carpaccio and grilled steak salad. 

Dinner is even more exciting with a French and Swedish fusion. They take the best from both countries and combine them in a delicious melange of creamy sauces and flavors. After dinner there are more desserts than one can try in a lifetime and elegant drinks that are served all night. Visiting Le Painbrings a touch of class to every part of your day.