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Västra Vägen 13, 475 42 Hönö, Sweden
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Lilling Cottage is exactly what you expect when you think of the word “cottage”. In fact it is so picturesque it should be featured next to the word in the dictionary. You can sit inside or outside on the patio and always have a relaxing and perfect view of the water. 

They are located on the island of Hönö, just a quick drive and pleasant ferry ride from Göteborg. It is worth the trip just for this restaurant, however there is some much more to do on the island you should probably stay for a few days. This way you will have the chance to try breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Lilling Cottage. 

Of course, no amount of ambience can make up for poor service or mediocre food, and luckily it doesn’t have a need here.  The food is absolutely wonderful and so very fresh. They serve fresh coffee and pastries in the morning and move onto a lunch buffet for lunch. For dinner you have your choice of delicious pizzas, shareable dishes like charcuterie boards, and some hearty main dishes like creamy soup. 

The restaurant started as a flower shop and continues this passion now. They sell seasonal plants and trees as well as fresh cut flowers and arrangements for weddings, funerals, and special occasions. They have even moved into selling rustic furnishings like sofas, chairs, and decorations for your home and garden. Their items are available online and will make you want to take a trip to get the full experience.