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Kristinelundsgatan 9, 411 37 Gothenburg, Sweden
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At Moon Thai Kitchen they have everything you could ever look for in a Thai restaurant. And I am not just talking about the items on the menu. They have a super cool décor, great service, and fantastic drinks as well. I honestly can’t imagine anything else you could want. 

The moment you enter you are greeted with happy smiles and warm hellos. The staff is attentive throughout the visit and even commonly notice even the slightest issues bringing over extra napkins and cutlery without even being asked. They can help you through the menu if it is your first time or if there are any surprises on the menu. 

They have regular specials so be sure to ask what is best for the day or stick with a trusted favorite if that is not your speed. The food is sweet and savory with plenty of kick. If you like things a little spicier you can talk to the staff and they can add a little extra something to your dish.

The dishes come in generous portions, especially considering the price. They offer plenty of options for meats like beef, chicken, or seafood and a great variety of vegetarian or even vegan dishes as well. In fact, there is so much to try you may want to come with friends and share so you can taste the full variety on the menu. Or just come for a quick lunch and enjoy it all to yourself.