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Tredje Långgatan 16, 413 03 Göteborg, Sweden
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If you have ever craved the old world brilliance and dazzle of burlesque shows like the Moulin Rouge, you need to book a table at Oakley’s as soon as possible. The entertainment here is exciting and expertly choreographed. Each night is a new and sexy adventure with beautiful dancers, enchanting voices, and just enough scandal to get your heart racing. 

During the show you will enjoy musical numbers from the films Burlesque and Moulin Rouge. The music you love from films we all can’t get enough of. You are welcome to sing along or sit back and take in the magic as the professionals do what they do best. In addition to your favorite songs the performers add their own special flair and love to keep things exciting with modern adaptations. 

While you enjoy the night’s entertainment and elegance you can indulge in their delicious food and drinks. A glass of champagne is almost mandatory. I mean what would a burlesque show be without something bubbly? 

The food is served buffet style, so you can enjoy as much as you like throughout the night. Feel free to keep going back for more as the evening’s passionate exhilaration takes you over. 

As a cherry on top of an already superb night, the bartenders are almost as thrilling as the show itself. They mix up brightly colored and scrumptious concoctions to sip on. Some may be classics like a Moscow Mules or a Gin Fizz. Others are completely unique and invigorating.