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Södra Vägen 2, 412 54 Gothenburg, Sweden
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Pasta is widely known as the king of comfort foods. There is hardly anything better than stuffing your face with some creamy alfredo linguini after a hard day or sniffing in the sweet aroma of homemade marinara. At Pasta+, pasta is their main focus and it is what they do best. So, if your need pasta, why look any further than the pasta pros?

The options on the menu are nearly endless. They have the classics like spaghetti Bolognese and penne alla diavola. They also have many options you won’t find at other Italian restaurants. These include tortelloni in salsa cremolada, made with bacon and creamy tomato sauce, and the trenette al pomodoro e polpettine, made with flat spaghetti noodles and homemade meatballs. 

Now you may be thinking to yourself, this is a lot of pasta but what about the “plus” part? If you ask me, the plus must refer to the impressive wine list. The pastas are not the only inspiration they are taking from all over Italy. The wine list is extensive and as detailed as the pasta menu.

The staff can help choose the wine that is a perfect fit for your meal and explain the tasting notes for any potential candidates that have sparked your interest. They also carry many non alcoholic drinks and even some liquors and after dinner treats like classic limoncello and fernet branca. 

However, the plus could also refer to the fantastic starters like carpaccio di manzo with tuna and citrus.