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Götabergsgatan 28, 411 34 Gothenburg, Sweden
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Restaurang 28+ is a different kind of wine bar. You may be asking, what is so special about it? I can tell you. It is the personal care they put into every step of choosing the wines they wish to feature. Well, that combined with the personal and attentive service. 

Their wine cellars are vast and include wines from all over the world. They take pride in the rare and delicious varieties they keep on hand. They also know that we all have our everyday favorites that we can’t get enough of and keep those consistently available as well. The professionals here know what to look for in a great new wine and are always excited to share their experience and knowledge with the people they serve. 

Now wine alone is worth coming for, especially the wines they carry, but the wine is made that much better by the quality dishes they serve. They use fresh local ingredients, which means they are updating their menu every four to six weeks with new dishes and flavors to match the season. 

There are several menus to choose from when you order. You can order small and shareable dishes with the wine bar menu like foie gras or truffle chips. If you want to get the most out of your tasting the small or large tasting menus are where you should look. These menus have been specially designed by chefs and sommeliers so that each bite and sip complement each other perfectly.