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Södra Hamngatan 2, 411 06 Göteborg, Sweden
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It is so hard to narrow down all of the reasons to come to this restaurant into such a short post. Alas, I will do my best. I suppose I have to start from the beginning. Entering the restaurant is like being transported to Wonderland. The shapes, the colors, the furniture, and the lighting make it a fanciful place that you never want to leave. 

Upon walking in you are greeted by the friendly staff and led to your comfortable seat. If you are fortunate you can sit under the hanging vines and chandelier stare out onto the city through the clear window. Although, if the weather is nice enough, the patio seating is a whole other world and not to be missed. 

Whether you have come for breakfast, lunch, or dinner services you can expect inventive and exciting dishes on the menu. Each dish is also made with fresh and locally sourced ingredients to ensure the best possible flavors in every bite. 

Breakfast includes freshly baked breads and aromatic cheese. Next, at lunch, they excite the palate with a daily vegetarian and seafood option. Each is perfectly balanced and spectacularly served. Finally, at dinner, you have your choice of elegant dishes like oysters and champagne or braised lamb. 

After ordering, during the short wait to receive your meal, I suggest ordering a cocktail from the bar. They are beautiful enough to order just for looks, but one taste and you will be taken away by refreshing combinations.