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Haga Nygata 25, 413 01 Göteborg, Sweden
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Good seafood is something that is just plain difficult to pass up. It can be a refreshing break in the middle of the day. Maybe it is a warm and comforting dinner alone you fit into your busy schedule. Perhaps even a romantic evening for you and that special someone. At Sjöbaren they understand what a treat perfect seafood is and get it right every time. 

There are two locations in Göteborg, each as comfortable and welcoming as walking into an old friend’s house. The warm lighting and friendly staff create the perfect atmosphere for taking in the delightful dishes they serve. 

On the menu you have your choice from the freshest seafood dishes in the city. At lunch they have regular specials featuring the catch of the day and even a vegetarian or meat option as well. 

At dinner the menu is even more elegant than you can imagine. You can pamper yourself with garlic grated sea lobster or roasted scallops with brandy cheese and herb roasted forest mushrooms. If you want to turn up the romance on your date try the oysters and ask about the special sides they offer with these. 

For large parties, the seafood platter is the best way to taste the full variety that they have to offer. It comes with shrimp, lobster, oysters, and boiled mussels. 

Each dish comes with bread and butter and the wait staff can help you choose wine or beer that is just right for your meal.