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Kungsgatan 7A, 411 19 Gothenburg, Sweden
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For those that are unaware of what steampunk culture relates to here is a quick overview. It is a Victorian inspired science fiction genre that features steam powered machinery emphasized with gears and copper. If that definition is not enough, head over to the Steampunk Bar and immerse yourself in the culture for a night. Be warned, you may just fall in love with everything from the drinks and decor to the clothes and music. 

At the Steampunk Bar in Göteborg, they apply the steampunk theme in every detail of the bar. The drinks not only carry fun names fitting with the theme but are made and served in Victorian style glasses like crystal and copper. The cocktails are the best but if that is not your speed they also carry carefully selected beers, ciders, and wines. 

The fun continues in much the same way with the food. The dishes have interesting names like Captain Nemo’s Hot Gambas. This consists of shrimp and mussels cooked in oil, garlic, chilli, sherry and the spice of the house. They are a tasty treat at any time during your night and will keep you coming back again and again. 

If the decor, drinks, and food are not enough to bring you in, the events should be. They have regular events like “Tap Takeovers” where you can try new releases from your favorite breweries and chat with the beer makers yourself. They also have nights with gin tastings where you can try several cocktails using that king of spirits.