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Nobelvägen 30, Malmö, Sverige
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The Green Queen is a health food store (they styles themselves with the term Health Club, however). This little shop is the perfect place to pick up the latest and greatest in terms of packaged health food; they carry things like Chia seeds, hemp protein, cocoa powder, nutritional yeast, cashew nut butter, coconut butter, hazelnut butter, sunflower butter, pumpkin seed butter, agave syrup, a variety of white sugar alternatives, acai, and even blueberry powder. They also have their own brand of cookies and cakes made from wholesome ingredients (for pickup only).

The owners are very passionate suppliers of the latest superfoods and health foods trending on the market. Their stock is quite comprehensive, but they are more than willing to order something for you if you don’t find it in the store. Health conscious locals flock to the Green Queen to pick up their specialty food items, as well as to buy a quick treat, like one of their homemade cookies, or delicious fruit or vegetable smoothies. This is a great store to go if you are trying out vegetarianism, veganism, or simply just a new diet- such as the Keto Diet. Its also a must stop for those who are culinary and adventurous, hoping to find new ingredients to play with, in the kitchen.