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Bergsgatan 35, Malmö, Sverige
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Indian Express is a little hole in the wall restaurant that has been around for quite a few years. The area where it is located (near Mollen), is a very competitive place to have a restaurant, as a result, most of the establishments short-lived. It is definitely the kind of restaurant that is more about the food rather than the location where the setting. Most people who frequents the Indian express do so for the takeout. Food is very yummy. However do not go in there expecting authentic Indian food, because that is not what you’re going to get. The dishes are catered for the Scandinavian palate, as a result they are not very spicy. Some of the Southeast Asian locals find the dishes to be A little bit bland, just a word to the wise. But, you could probably tell them in advance if you wanted something authentically spicy. This restaurant has a very nice and satisfying curry. We also tried the chicken Tikka, which is a pretty good sauce.

He was sweet and thick with a nice coconut crunch. The chicken and all of our dishes was a tad bit dry but the portion was very generous. My husband had a dish with Daal. It was well-kept but needed a bit more texture. He found the consistency to be more like porridge then what the dish should have been. Are vegetarian friend found all of her dishes to be in her words “first class.” The king shams were very nice to see in plum, they were well cooked but fair warning, we’re definitely swimming in grease. You had to dive into a pool of oil to get to the shims at the bottom of the bowl. All in all, there is a reason that this place has survived for as long as it has. And that is because they mostly provide consistency and delicious Indian cuisine.