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Lilla Fiskaregatan 23, Lund, Sverige
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Tucked nicely in one of the main streets of Lund, Inkognito is definitely one of the town’s best unknown gems. You are always warmly greeted by the friendly staff whenever you arrive. Perfect for brekkie, brunch, lunch, or fika, this cozy bistrocafé offers everything homemade and freshly prepared. They serve a number of delectable items, from pastries, cakes, salads, hot sandwiches to both cold and hot drinks. Sitting upstairs is absolutely comfortable and during the warmer of days, you can bask in the sun while enjoying their delicious goods by sitting at the tables and chairs outside.

Highly recommend to check this place out if you’re ever in Lund, based in Lund, or planning to have a small day-trip getaway from Malmö via the train or the regional bus. It’s also good to know that during lunch time, the place could very packed. Thus, it’s best to come before or after lunch to grab yourself a comfy seat.