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With two faces this establishment is part Japanese restaurant, part bar/nightclub; Izakaya Koi, and it is more than you except. Having lived in the land of the rising sun for over two years, I can tell you the word Izakaya is a unique Japanese concept. It falls somewhere between a family restaurant and local pub, but this classy, sophisticated hangout is as far from what comes to my mind when I hear the word Izakaya. The kitchen is open until 10 PM or 11 PM depending on what day you come to visit, and I really recommend you arrive in time to order yourself some dinner, even if you’ve come to dance, drink and socialize. Have a seat outside to see the pedestrians, and do some people watching as you enjoy the evening meal, its located right along Lilia Torg thus making it ideal for this purpose.

Izakaya Koi offers a wide selection of Japanese delicacies from your standard sashimi and nigiri, to western styled rolls, and delectable appetizers like karaage (it means deep fried chicken) served with Japanese mayo and pickled ginger. Their selection of meat is also not to be missed if you’re a carnivore, make sure you contemplate trying their gyudon bowl!

On the more popular weekends, when Izakaya Koi is in full swing in its nightclub persona, you can sip delicious sake-infused cocktails and dance the night away on all three floors, listening to modern EDM.

Travelers should be aware; the Swedish government’s scheme to eliminate cash is at play at this establishment, it’s card or mobile pay only.