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Östergatan 4, Malmö, Sverige
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More than just your neighborhood hair salon, K has a surprising number of services and uses for creatives, models, photographers, and numerous other avenues it would be too long to mention. Walking into the studio, you are immediately struck by the evident taste, sophistication, and style of the space. While it is entirely possible to come to K Hair Salon for a simple haircut or style, you are really doing yourself a disservice if you do not trust the hair professionals at the studio to help you choose a truly unique and artistic style that showcases your individuality and boldness. The salon is staffed by four stylists; Anna H., Benny, Henke, Sheida, and Sofia M. All of whom have the creative vision to help you stand out and make your hair as unforgettable as your personality.

Browsing their work in their beautifully crafted portfolio books or online, you will be struck by the Avant guard and fierce looking models that challenge you with piercing eyes to up your own game and live life to the fullest. The salon owners take frequent trips to Japan and are very much inspired by Tokyo street fashion and that country’s commitment to modern and bold looks.