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Looking for a sleek, modern, and sophisticated restaurant to impress your date or potential client? Look no further than Kasai in the Sky, Malmö’s centerpiece for Japanese cuisine. The menu is split into three delectable categories, Sushi, Robata, and Izakaya. While you may be familiar with the first term I’ll explain the last two. Robata refers to a traditional Japanese method of cooking meat and vegetables in a special iron skillet think of as a fine dining version of Japanese stir-fry. Izakaya is a Japanese word that is best translated into English as “neighborhood restaurant”, however, this establishment does their own sophisticated take on traditional dishes, such as Japanese BBQ and edamame.
Kasai in the Sky is also well known for it’s offering of sake infused cocktails, inspired by modern and ancient aspects of Japanese culture. Their drinks include exclusive spices and herbs that may well be a new experience for those who’ve never visited Japan themselves. The best place to enjoy one of these delicious beverages on Kasai in the Sky’s incredible rooftop area with breathtaking city views.
Kasai has taken inspiration from internationally acclaimed restaurants such as Zuma, Nobu, Tao, and Katsuya. It’s L.A trained executive chef, Danny Elmaleh, has also studied concepts from major cities like London, New York, and Dubai, bringing a distinct international flavor to Malmö that may be hard to fine elsewhere.
So if you feel like getting a taste of Japan, or simply wish to enjoy a classy evening or afternoon out on the town, look no further than Kasai in the Sky. They have delivery and takeout options, if you’re interested in enjoying this fine food in the comfort of your own home, or office.