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Järnvägsgatan 25c, Limhamn, Sverige
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Kito Sushi in Limhamn came highly recommended to us so we made the quick trip down to Limhamn and was not disappointed. Humble and happy to explain the flavor combinations, the owner’s family has been in the sushi business for years in Helsingborg.

Focusing on take-out, Kito Sushi has seating at the bar where you can watch your sushi rolls be made fresh in front of you. There is more seating but the best place is right up front where you can have a pleasant chat with the owner and watch the magic happen.

I am a firm believer that sushi should be made fresh when it is ordered and Kito Sushi does exactly that. My only other suggestion is to let the house decide. Sushi is the perfect food to let the chef decide what to make you. You can tell them the kinds of things you like and any sushi chef should be able to impress you with what they believe are the best flavor combinations sometimes making you a plate of bites that is not even on the menu. That is exactly what I did. Every bite was unique, colorful, and a labor of love from one of the most experienced and humble sushi chefs in Malmö. This is now one of our favorite places in Linhamn!